Thursday, November 20, 2008

Alpha Training & 5 Reasons NOT to reach your Fat loss goals

Today’s newsletter I’ll discuss a few things for you to learn, ponder and expand or push your threshold for where you are today.

Alpha Training

Alpha: Being the highest ranked or most dominant individual of one's sex.

We all need a bit of Alpha Training occasionally and the last few weeks I’ve been training John Erskine for his fight this weekend in MMA.

This is John’s first time training EHP style and there is nothing like it when you have NOT done it before. My motto “hurt in practice so you don’t bleed in battle”! I can’t guarantee you John will win (although knowing John and his ability he’s a bit of a machine!!) however I can guarantee you that John will be in great shape for this fight and we’ll see if he has his first fight go the distance!

Here's John here doing a fighting protocol called Back Breakers:

My predication; it won’t go the distance because John will do what he always does which is take him down and pound him into submission.

6 Rules on Alpha Training;

1) It feeds the Ego and if you don’t have it in check you become a bigger prick then you already are!

2) You CAN’T live on “hard core” training all the time, the more I learn/see the less I actually give to clients. To all the men and woman who think “more is better” read this again.

3) If you are a male read rule #2 again!!!!!

4) Your ability to recover will determine your intensity/volume/speed/how much you can lift. So guess what RECOVERY IS KEY for optimal results!!

5) Because you train like a demon DOES NOT mean you can drink like a demon, although due to not having your ego in check this can happen. What do I mean? You justify to yourself from creating a bigger “iron will” in training that you can drink like an alpha person as well! "I've earn't it" type thinking.... Get over yourself!

6) Did I mention recovery? Well nutrition is part of recovery. Nutrition is vital or you will burn, maybe not straight away but eventually!

Here's 5 Real reasons (perceived real) to people who can't get there fat loss goal!

5 Real Reasons to NOT reach your Fat Loss goals!?!

1) “I’m too busy to make my food”

The truth is, you don’t value your health

2) “My kids come first” Spida!

Personal favorite of mine, the truth is, for you to be the BEST parent you can be you need to be healthy. But Spida I will die for my kids, that’s great but how about you show your kids how to LIVE rather then say subconsciously to them, I don’t value me enough!)

3) “My wife won’t make it for me”

Truth is, you are a lazy shyt that expects your wife to do everything for you, oh you must be the money maker in the home right? Get over yourself ya jerk!

4) “We can’t afford it”

Truth is, your not prepared to give up some of the “things” you consider important in your life, like smokes, alcohol, coffee, bling bling, brunch with mates, muffins, lifestyle etc…

5) “My partner and kids don’t want that “healthy stuff” for dinner”

Truth is tough love, put that healthy stuff i.e. veggies and protein on the table rather then something manufactured from a list of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce.

Okay, this is a bit of a "alpha" way to look at what I've pointed out in both views of Alpha Training and 5 excuses and I know there is grey area to all of this where it can be "justified", however I'm not talking about the grey part because 99% of people are not "grey" they are a very Hard Black & White and if you believe in something with absolute conviction then post below to say, after all who said "I'm right" or "wrong" :-)?

"Your eyes can only see what the mind can comprehend"

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