Friday, February 05, 2010

The BEST Exercise to do in the Gym with AC/DC!!

If you missed this morning's show on Kiwi FM with Radio Wammo then don't worry I've saved a copy just for you ;-)

The Debate of KING of all exercises is really between 2!!

The Squat and the Dead lift

(side note: I'm excluding Olympic lifts in this debate due the complexity to teach the non athletic market, but yes, Clean & Jerk/Snatch are the true "king" of exercises..... or I think they are :-)

Here I share with you HOW to do the KING of exercises!!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

At around the 7min mark, this picture will make sense and you'll "see" what I mean!!

Kayleb about to snatch 24kg at 2yrs old
And below Kayleb Dead lifting a medicine ball!

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Down Under Strength Training said...

Great vid mate, technique good !!

Spida Hunter said...

Thanks brother, technique is always good bro :-)