Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Got 10mins to be "Wishy Washy"?

I wanted to share with you today a few things. Yesterday I took 10mins from a 75min coaching call with Stuart Tomc who is Nordic Naturals Educator!

The information he presented in this interview was MIND BLOWING, it's not very often I get "blown away" from people who teach health.

Stuart Tomc is one of those people who has "connected the dots" in health and looks far bigger then JUST Omega 3/fish oil or "his way" and this is what "blows my mind"..... (often guru's tell you their way from a egocentric point of view or it's with a agenda of some kind that is about them!!)

Stuart see's the bigger picture of TOTALITY and I have believed totality forever, it's actually part of our Maori culture here in NZ so this is where my "belief" of totality/holistic thinking comes from!!

Our conversation touched on History, Science, Research, Quantum Physics, Culture, Functional Medicine, Chemistry, Nutrition - (currently & in the past), belief systems plus much more.... was and is still a "goose bump" experience!

In this 10min clip Stuart talks about where he starts with Omega 3 regardless if you are a expert or a novice!

I hope you are open minded enough to listen to this 10min clip, there's nothing to buy, it's just me providing you with some Health and Fitness I.Q.

------>>>> 10mins with Start Tomc <<<<--------

If you do choose to listen in, put the ear phone in or turn up the speakers and put the TV on for the kids to baby sit the kids ;-)

Thanks for being part of EHP's Tribal News-letter, with all the online guru's out there these days, it means a lot that you are part of our whanau/tribe!

Spida Hunter
P.S. There are a lot of awesome people out their teaching health and fitness, however there are only a couple in my mind that can connect the dots on so many different levels other then just sets, reps, nutrition, quantum physics, science, the 'no mind', mature ego, life plus much more and LIVING IT!!

Sure it maybe a bit "wishy washy" for you this whole holisty/totality thing and that's ok, when you are ready to see a totality or holistic view, I or someone else will help you "see it"!!

Go on I dare you to be "wishy washy" for 10mins :-)
------>>>> 10mins with Start Tomc <<<<--------

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Doreen Hall said...

Hey The clip is very interesting and awesome. Do you think this will work forever and will not have any consequences?

Spida Hunter said...

Thanks for the comment Doreen.

Will it work forever without any consequences?
As long as the QUALITY is optimal i.e. some fish oils aren't very "clean" therefore the quality of them is not suitable for human consumption long term and it maybe argued short term!

Nordic Naturals is one company that I have found to be transparent in their products! There are others however in NZ Nordics wins hands down!!