Monday, February 22, 2010

PAY the Price....

In order to get what you want you have to be prepared to "pay the price"!

Most people associate "paying the price" with money and you are mostly right in thinking this way! However, this is just the 'starting point' in "paying the price"!!

Handing over hard earned cash to drop a dress size or increase muscle mass in 4-6wks is the EASIEST part but people make it the hardest!!

Reality of dropping a clothes size in 4wks at EHP:
  • Train 2x of Metabolic Strength
  • Train 2x per week of Metabolic Circuits
  • Eat Compliant 90% of the time (maybe less depending where you start with your actual nutrition)
  • Prepared to adopt New Habits and "let go" of old habits
  • Have a Postive Attitude (this is more important then people think)
  • Repeat the above 90% of the time in 4wks....
Let's break it down some more so you get to see the "details" of 90% Compliant in performance!
  • 4 Training sessions x 4wks = 16sessions
  • 6 Feeding Opportunities per day x 7days = 42meals per week,
    38 of them compliant to how we eat at EHP.
  • Adopting these habits above = Compliancy
  • If you get stuck in your own "stuff" the ability to approach it with a Postive Problem Solving Attitude, is a KEY element that people don't talk about!!
Do you see how "paying the price" is more then just handing over your hard earned cash, it's actually the last thing to really think about not the first!!!

If you are prepared to "Pay the Price" then we are a fit, if not then when you are ready I'll be waiting :-)

Thanks for reading have a great day,

Spida Hunter

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