Friday, October 16, 2009

To Detox for weight loss & health or Not?

In today's session with Wammo from Kiwi FM, we address the "Detox" diet?!
Watch and listen in to uncover some truths behind Detox and the benefits for you!

You will learn;
  • Why Wammo is over the Rugby World Cup of 2011.... I know not detox but he brought it up!!
  • What is Detox?
  • Wammo is "Toxic"....
  • Shower external vs clean internal?
  • How to detox?
  • 24hr Detox lost 2kg....
  • Why you may need to Detox?
  • Natural Detox vs Pack Detox
  • How many days to Detox & why?
  • Can you have a "constant" Detox?
  • Plus much more

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