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Do NOT LISTEN to me, I'm watering down the Fitness Industry!!!

Here is a conversation with a Trainer who thinks I'm full of shit, it's unedited & happened yesterday......Why am I posting this?? Because in life, you will meet people that NO MATTER what you do, they will NEVER BE HAPPY with you!! All you can do, is be polite (as hard as it is) and move on with compassion. (Or something like that because my immature ego would like to ....... :-)

What's up Spida? I Google'd a few folks I saw on Alwyn's wall to see what peoples backgrounds were in. I was going to watch some of your clips I came I saw online but then I came across a bio that lists your credentials as someone "who has a certificate in sports studies and a diploma in personal training."

I had never heard of either of these. Usually a diploma is from a university and a certificate is from some type of organization of your choice. Maybe they were just reversed in your bio or maybe you are from another country with different terminology? If so I was curious what this may be similar to here in the US?

Thanks Hunter,


Spida Hunter October 28 at 10:22am
I come from New Zealand which has got different credentials then the states (if you are from there). However, I have learnt from Paul Chek, Alwyn Cosgrove, Mike Boyle, Charles Poliquin, Carlos Santana to name just a few..... Most of my learning has come from working my ass off brother and NO amount of letters behind my name can make up to that, hence why I don't associate my letters with my ego. I know how good I am and my weaknesses and I work on both as a human being first and then a family man 2nd.... A coach is a by product of these 2 things because that's what I choose!!

Hope you are well and always continue to learn and grow brother, it will make you a better person and then of course a better coach/athlete!!

Thanks for clarifying. I just like to know who else is out there giving the correct advice so that I have people to keep in contact with or debate new ideas with. It's so hard for the general population to know who the real experts are it gets frustrating seeing all these so called experts online, haha!

A lot of time I truly believe even a so called experts believes they are a true expert while saying they learned (or "learnt") some training tips from some of the best guys out there. They don't realize there is this whole other world of education they don't even know about....kind of like "ignorance is bliss."

I believe to be a true expert one must "work his ass off" but also have a formal education to back up one's experiences. Learning the "tricks" of the trade from the guys you mentioned is nothing compared to learning the whole trade inside and out.

I understand most trainers take a lot of shortcuts and I don't expect everyone to take experience along with education as serious as I do. Knowing how good one thinks he is and what weaknesses one has does not make him a sound trainer. I believe one owes more than that to his clients.

Along with a lifetime of experience in sport and exercise one should be serious enough to back up his words with a good foundation in the true science of exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor learning, motor development, physics, chemistry, logic and rhetoric, critical thinking, etc...

I am not talking about going to a couple of talks per year or getting some type of certification...I am talking years of study gaining knowledge that can't be met with "tips" and "anecdotes" at conferences or workshops...without this background one remains at the stage where he doesn't even realize what he doesn't know. I find it's usually the people without any letters after their name that say the letters don't matter.

Good luck doing what you do!

Bro, you proceed to insult me with what you think! What is the point of emailing me. You sound like someone who is 21yrs of age with a "idealism" for the fitness industry which is great BUT like me you will have to find it in you to FIT "idealism" with personal reality. I have everything you "care" about but because I don't articulate it in a way that you can comprehend and you box me up into little segments of "right" and "wrong" in your eyes...

You believe I owe more to my clients, how can you tell this through FB or by 1 short email, have you had the honor of discussing my coaching services with them and the impact good or bad I have had on them? I think not, yet you care to tell me what you think and insult me......

This is the problem with the internet, people make reprepsentations of how they interpret information and if they "can't get it" they JUDGE the person in a way that's often not fair or real!!

So before you insult me with your "idealism" of the world, check your own backyard to see if you live transparently across the board of how you talk with me!

Jarrod Parra October 28 at 12:52pm Report
I suspected your lack of commitment to my field from your post. I thought my original email to you was a legitimate question to someone who claims to be someone to listen to.

Your first email solidified my suspicion when you didn't answer my question to you regarding your education. I find it insulting that you see no importance in one having "letters after their name" this somehow negates their lifetime of their real world or applied sport and exercise background, just because they have become that much more knowledgeable through a formal education. It's people like you who water down my field...if you put yourself out there to the public you have to be willing to have your transparency shown...and yes I can tell from one article, one post or simply how someone reacts to criticism as to where they are at in my field.

I have also had athletes and previous clients who didn't realize that their previous trainer wasn't any good even if they were injured by that trainer or were a great athlete to begin with and it didn't matter who they worked with. Just because you have clients that like you or have trained some athletes who have had some or a lot of success doesn't mean you know what you are doing.

Sometimes no matter how hard you unknowingly use faulty training practices some athletes will excel in spite of is later in life when they will most likely feel the ill effects of your methods. It's great that you know your weaknesses, I'll give you that.

More than that though is what I mean when I say you don't even know what you don't know...that's where it gets scary.

First off, my lack of committment, if you think you can see through a crystal ball and see how I do things then your name is God not Jarrod. Who said I'm someone to listen too, if that's what people want to do then great if not that's okay too!

What you mean is I didn't answer your question to HOW you wanted me to answer it with qualifications that justify my existence in the industry even though being from NZ they won't mean much to you. I also said I don't associate my ego with letters behind my name which is different to your interpretation of what you think I said by stating "importance in one having letters after their name"!

Jarrod, I personally think that you think you are God, as you have the arrogance to go with it, thanks for making judgement of me as it spells out exactly the person you are.

When you post things and have radio interviews online available for folks to see that means you think you are someone to listen too...or at least you feel like people should learn from you. I know plenty of trainers from other country's so if you would have given your credentials I would have recognized them. It was a simple question. Nothing to do with ego. It just gives me an insight to where a fellow "trainer" is coming from.

You are right, I have already judged you and find no reason to take you seriously. Just be glad that the general population will buy into just about anything that anyone that calls themselves a "trainer" tells them to believe. It's just too bad others like you will keep watering down my field.

It's not "idealism" that I think trainers need to be more responsible and educated, it's just a standard I think our clients deserve.

Sure thing God

For those that have read the lot of this and for those believe you NEED letters behind your name before you are "any good", I have a Diploma In Personal Training. The Diploma did NOT make me any good, in fact it was easy, the years after my studies has provided the "real" learning on top of the theory I got in school!!

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