Monday, October 19, 2009

Just GET IT DONE & Stop being PERFECT!!

Too many people are "talking" more then they are DOING it's just the way we can be as humans!!

You have a choice in this, you can be part of it or you can DO more then you talk.....

Here's a routine I've got for you which will take you less then 5mins to DO, and the real beauty of this, is that it does NOT need to be perfect but it does NEED to be done!!!

More often then not people DON'T do because of too much knowledge (yes there is such a thing) where they don't move on anything because they are waiting for the "perfect" time/day/sun light/moment to make it happen!!

Nothing in my life is "perfect" so guess what, you MUST GET IT DONE ANYWAY!!
To all those people who "think" it should be Perfect they can just p#@$ off they are spirit takers....

Make it happen TODAY by watching this video I've made for you!!

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