Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eating Right for your Type?

Listen in to increase your knowledge about:
  • EDT from Charles Staley
  • Fat Loss Patches?? What the F.......
  • What is Eating Right for your Type?
  • Eating to your "genetic make up".....
  • Western Diet vs your Culture Diet!
  • Are your kids of mixed cultures & finding the "right mix"!
  • How does food respond to you?
  • Knowing your threshold for carbs vs proteins...
  • Learn your tipping scale....
  • Plus much more!!
Then we end it with prescription from the Dr on your kids future?

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1 comment:

jarrod said...

Hey quack, what's up? Where did you come up with that name anyway. Is it kinda like Spida Man, haha! If I were you I would be embarrassed to post that thread. You come off so defensive and unable to explain yourself properly. Plus it's not just the education one has but that coupled with a sound practical background as well that's sets one apart from quacks like you. The formal education provides a language, theories and rules that give a sound foundation to build from. But again you aren't interested in someone that has too much education to go along with his or her experience...like Those of us with both should "be sorry for an achievement."

I love how you were overwhelmed with comments on this thread too. It looks as though luckily no one is interested in what you have to say.