Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Humes Strong(er) Together Competition....AWESOME!!

On Friday we held the first ever Humes Strong(er) together Competition. To give you a bit of back ground I've been training Humes Pipeline Company on site for 6months with little more then Body weight and now they have graduated to Kettlebells!

Here's a video of them after 3months

Anyway, the objective of this day was to "work together/team building" in a Strongman type event.

To achieve this we put them in 2 teams (Team Mean & Team Meaner) 6 per team and they competed together.

They got points for;
  • Winning the event = 10points
  • Vocal Support of other team members = 1-10 points (verbalizing their encouragement i.e. yelling)
  • Physical support of team members = 1-10 points (helping team members with tasks to make it easier but not cheat)
The Strong(er) events where in order of completing them;
  • Farmers Walks = They have what's called Formers which are circular type steal plates that go from 25kg to a TON! We used 75kg for the big boys and 65kg for the smaller lads! Now let me tell you, the weight is not alot BUT the size of the "rings" are big and extremely awkward to carry!!

    Everyone gave it a nudge (couple put them in wheel barrows) & to my surprise everyone got them across the line & back.........just (I say suprise because I carried them & thought Holy shiz, I don't think I can carry it!!!!) Special mention must go to David who was the smallest guy and smashed everyone on time and ease.....very impressive!! Win to Team Meaner!

  • Sled Pulls = 20m Rope with 65kg of weight on a sled, pull that sucker as quickly as possible across the concrete then next team member did the exact same, until all team members had finished!! Team Mean had a shocka they only had 5 guys do it out of 6! So they "won" but we called it a draw!

  • Wheel Barrow Races = Wheel barrow to each team, they started with two 40kg cement bags in wheel barrow, they raced a zig zag course & picked up another 40kg cement bag at one end to repeat the zig zag coming home where they handed over to the next person in team to repeat the process!

    This was a funny event to watch & referee, they said this was the hardest due to fitness!! Broken cement bags everywhere with people taking the pi$ out of each other, it was fun and everyone was buggered afterwards!! Win to Team Mean

  • Lastly was good old fashioned TUG OF WAR!!
    Best out of 3......First one went to team Mean....then the smack talk started........2nd one went to Team Meaner.........then the smack talk got more........and it was all on for the 3rd and final tug of war...........go.........10sec team mean looked to have it in sync and in the meaner pull it back to the middle......20sec it's STILL meaner start wearing down team mean.....30sec.....TIME! Win goes to Team Meaner.....was awesome the first 2 tug of wars where over in about 10sec due to team dominating the other....this 3rd and final was fitting to the day! 30sec of Tug of War and it was JUST won by Team Meaner!!
Final Points of the day taking into consideration of all factors? And the winner goes to...........................a DRAW with 110 each!!

The boys weren't happy about this they wanted a WINNER! So we did it the old fashioned way........choose 1 person from each team and sculling race! Ian bought it home for
Team Mean!

I have to say, I had a great time and so did the Humes Crew they are looking forward to the next one so they Team Meaner can get their revenge! For now though, Team Mean can bath in the feeling of success.......

Thanks to all of Humes Christchurch from Management to all the boys on the floor in having an open mind to "making it happen", it's not your 'normal' team building exercise BUT it's team building neither the less that suits these lads!!

I tried to video it but as it happens didn't work sorry I don't have any footage of this in film or photo format because a picture captures a thousand words!

Here are a couple of pics of previous training sessions;

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