Tuesday, August 04, 2009

First EVER Strongman Competition...

I completed my First Strongman Competition and here are the results for that comp!

First, I have to say I enjoy the Strongman Medley (which I won) and I suck at RAW strength i.e. Log Press! However, regardless it's very clear that my weakness is "raw strength", yet my capacity to TRANSFER the "raw strength" I CURRENTLY have is exceptional!

Before you put me in the category of blow ass, look at the facts I provide below, got nothing to do with my ego and how great I am, more an observation of others raw strength vs my raw strength, and my functional strength vs others functional strength.....now if you follow that, lets look at facts!


  • I've been training for marathon this year which I completed on May 31st i.e. Strength training was limited to hardly any!
  • I've been training strongman for about 4wks prior to this event
  • 2 guys are strength/power lifters, 1 guy works construction everyday
  • The smallest guy in our division 81kg (I reckon the scales where heavy 2kg) after the competition was FINISHED, attempted to lift the 126kg stone and GOT IT!!! That's huge pound for pound, yet in the log press sucked like me!
Which brings me back to "use able" or being able to transfer the "raw strength" you have into what you are trying to achieve, what I'm trying to say; just because you are gym strong doesn't make you real life strong, sure you have a platform for Real Life Strength but it doesn't give you automatic rights!!

Click on results chart to make it bigger

Here's the video of the Medley;

Thanks to Eastside Strongman for organizing this event, it was a nice low key entry and fun as well (mostly). No matter where you go in life or what you do, you will always encounter Man and his EGO....the only thing that can change from that is HOW you deal with other people and there ego......I'm still maturing on that one :-)
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Sarah Rippel said...

That ROCKS Spida! You're an animal! Much props! :D