Friday, July 10, 2009

Feel My Rage....

I'm sure you have heard the expression "so close but so far away"!!!

That's me RIGHT NOW.....I'm so close to the finished product of masters of fat-loss that I can "taste/feel/smell" it in the VERY CORE of my being!!!

This is a great place to be but a hard place to "accept" i.e. so close!

Right now, I'm Mr Kool know the one, I've found the "positive" from it all!!

Last 2days, my ugly and VERY IMMATURE ALPHA EGO was rearing it's "ugly-ness" and almost came out in FULL FORM a few times these last few days, I can tell you!!

I wanted to blast a few people and I'm so grateful that my more mature ego was able to JUST keep me in I must be growing up or becoming more "enlightened"!!

Enlightened my a$$ that's just a word people like to use to create a gap between "us" and "them" a bit like Guru! I prefer more "aware" of my "great-ness" and my "ugly-ness" and the "stuff" that makes them up!!!

Anyway, I digress big time!!

Look, I have Alpha traits (both immature & mature) and when I'm in my "immature ego, go get it mode", (i.e. emotionally attached to the point it's now negative!)

I want things done NOW & I don't want to here your B.S reasons why not or not enough time blah blah blah......make it happen for me NOW, grrrrrr!!!

And to express my "rage/immature ego" yesterday here's a tweet I sent to twitter & Face-book, after comming out of a printing shop who I asked to print some CD's with graphics on it!

I love nz! But f!@# we are so far behind in web development/graphic design that NO f!@#$% wonder the world still thinks we live in mud huts!

So after all my STRESS, I'm going to delay Masters of Fat-Loss till after the weekend!! I know, I know.....I've been talking it up 7 more sleeps, 1 more sleep etc.... and I'm very sorry for this, BUT somethings are out of my control!

This project is more then just Masters of Fat-loss that "you see", it's also the Project AFTER it as well......ssshhhhhh that was my surprise for you all!

Just so you don't think I'm all Bull Sugar.....I'm doing things on the net that NO ONE in the Fitness Industry in New Zealand (even the world that I know of!!) is doing so I have to out source all my work outside of NZ or DO IT MYSELF!

Which is what I'm more doing, and everything is NEW to me, I'm no techy type, I'm self taught doing this internet stuff!!!

Anyway, the end result is Masters of Fat-loss will be going live after the weekend!

But, here is my promise to you! Actually, no I won't promise you because if "things don't work out", I'll flip my lid and start blasting people..... :-)

So here's the deal, I BELIEVE you will get the first recording (which is Rachel Cosgrove) of Masters of Fat-Loss on Tuesday NZ time!

Have a great weekend, I'm off to the west coast to see my lovely girls and hang out on Coast time, which is NO time at all!!! I love the west coast and hanging out on the Arahua pa! Some of the people are "unique" but the coast is awesome!!

Spida Hunter (the delayed site :-)

P.S. Here's me, 5wks after completing my very first marathon adding more to my "bucket list"!! Will you join me?

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