Monday, July 06, 2009

Master of Fat far it's been AWSOME!

I just wanted to drop you an email to say, so far I have had the BEST time interviewing all these "masters" of fat-loss!!

I mean, I have learnt heaps! Not so much from a fat-loss modality point of view because I'm pretty good at that already ;-) but more from a "professional" point of view!

I feel often at times "isolated" in my approach or beliefs about "fitness stuff" and to re-connect with some "masters" again has really done wonders for me on a personal level!

Anyway enough about me.......let me share with you a few things you will be learning from these TRUE Masters of Fat-Loss!!
  • Rachel Cosgrove - Her interview we talk about the "mindset" of a female vs male and how we "talk/think" different about food/exercise and how we SEE our self's in the mirror! EVERY FEMALE and every MALE needs to hear what she got to say about this, she truly is one of the BEST female trainers in the world!!

  • Elliot Hulse
    - A Professional Strong Man and a Master of Fat-loss?? Well, I tell you, he may not be "ripped" like a body builder but neither am I :-), however his unique flavor to fat-loss/health/life is worthy of him being on this list of Masters and he truly know's his stuff about all of it!!
  • Mike Roussell - We talk about his 6 pillars of fat-loss, the problem with weight watchers, discussing how a client works with him in person, how a "die-t" must work for you! Look at how much you can take away from just these points I've given you! Plus, why USA is not ideal to lean up (you'll get it when you hear the call)!
  • Craig Ballatyne - His 3 best strategies for success, his #1 is worth signing up for this course, I have believed it forever and so does he! Have you ever heard of the saying "creating simplicity out of complexity"? Well Craig does this wonderfully!!!
  • Dax Moy - The Goals guy or the fat-loss guy or the "make it happen" guy....however you want to look at Dax, he is great at making "simple from complex" and turning into something you can use!
  • Spida Hunter - Then their is me, wrapping it all up in a bundle for you to "grasp" and "use", I also talk about my 4 pillars of health and how they all are "inter woven" together and NOTHING can function without 1 or more being effected!!
So when will this all be ready for me to download so I can "tap" the minds of these masters?

We are 7days away from it's release........ and I'm seriously thinking about only allowing 1000 people to get their hands on this online course because it's awesome and I FIRMLY BELIEVE I could get $79.95 and still be "giving it away"!!

You may NOT believe me with "how great" this course is, and that's your choice, after all some of you only know me through email. But to those that do know me in real life (and in time if you don't believe me) I'm sure you will see I'm very transparent in my life and have NO problem telling you my perception of truth!!! Just ask....... :-)

Be part of the limited 1000 spots NOW

So here's what I'm asking of you please, I'm asking you to either sign up to this awesome course and forward it on to your friends! If you are already signed up then please forward it on to your friends and family!

Yeah but what is in it for me?
NOTHING, except gratitude from me and a sense of "paying it forward"....after all you have the opportunity to raise the fat-loss I.Q of you and those that you care about at the cost of hitting a few keys!

Here is a key to hit or forward on now

To those of you that DO help "spread the word"....Again my sincere thanks and gratitude is sent to you via "good vibration" of the universe through me and to those that await your email :-)

Where ever you are at and what ever your doing, thanks!

Spida Hunter

P.S. Success is like a funnel where it's wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Each time you reach a "form of success" you go further down the funnel! This is not some "theory", this is a image I'm giving you that I believe in 100% and you have an opportunity to progress down the funnel by getting this FREE course by going here .....what choice will you make?

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