Friday, May 29, 2009

5 Tips for Marathon

What you can do to enhance your 1/2 or full marathon run!

1) Drink 3ltrs of WATER!
You will want to drink 3lts of water on Saturday and at least 2lts on Sunday before the race! Don't ask why now, there's no time for "understanding" you ought to just DO! :-)

2) Breakfast before you run!
This can be a tricky one because if you aren't a natural breaky eater then you will struggle to put some food in your gob!

Here's how you can plan it out on Sunday:
  • Wake at 6am to 6:3am (start drinking a glass of water, this will also help you go do poo's :-)
  • Eat at 7:30am (porridge or spaghetti on toast with eggs, super smoothie,) something high in carbohydrates with some protein and fats)
  • 8:15am at EHP Studio
  • Run at 9am
3) Go for a light jog/walk on Saturday
This is merely to get rid of any nerves you may have or to lighten the mind of any "stuff" you may have.

4) Ensure you have drank 3ltrs on Saturday and 2ltrs on Sunday morning
I know it's a repeat BUT it's huge :-)

5) Pre pack your gear Saturday night!
You should "know" that you have to do but encase you don't let's go over it.

  • Meeting at EHP between 8-830am (turn up in running gear i.e. shoes, socks, tape on blisters, thermal just in case it's freezing, vaseline for shaving (nipples/groin), water bottle)
  • Bring change of clothes for shower
  • Bring some recovery food i.e. fruit/energy drinks
  • Bring your family and friends to catch up after wards (from 2pm onwards)
There is soooooo much more to your first marathon BUT this is a great place to start, don't overwhelm yourself with "stuff" just follow this list and if you forget something. So what? We'll make do with what we got!!

See you on Sunday!

P.S I would wish you luck, but I belive more "luck" is ALWAYS around, it's just more if you 'notice' it and make something of it! :-)

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Roundballnz said...

Big ups to all those doing the marathon - Enjoy!