Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kids just dont' get hurt!!!

THEY DON'T GET HURT!! This may not go down well but oh well!

Rugby NEEDS to bring back tackle for kids. Tackle is FUNDAMENTAL part of the sport & is MORE important then stepping or ball skills!

It teaches safety, confidence and SIGNIFICANTLY reduces fear! So then WHY would we not give it too our kids of today?

Because, rugby has got so bloody PC that we want them to play "tag" & justify it with "safety"!!!

Here's off the NZRU website for under 7's. What individual skills do I teach each grade?
  1. Running with ball
  2. Swerve
  3. Tap kick and pass
  4. Basic pass
  5. Receiving pass
  6. Ball familiarization
NONE of this matters if you are scared shitless to tackle, kids get bruises NOT breaks! This in my mind is teaching kids to "be the star", we have only ever had 1 Jonah Lomu but we have had more Buck Shelford's!

Actually, Ritchie Macaw is SHIT at swerving, passing & in my oponion "ball familarization" BUT, BUT, BUT! He is one of the MOST devasting people at ruck and maul time and in the tackle for getting the ball EVER that the game has ever seen! This is from a "workers/tackling" mindset not a swerve, pass/catch skill set!

Tell me the last time you saw a kid under 8 break his leg or neck from rugby or league?

Here's what I think, parents are inflicting fear into the kids about tackle in particular the mums, (there you go I said it!!). This is why we need more coaches like Marie who supports tackle!

If your a mum and don't want to see your little Tommy or Tammy get dirty then don't watch him/her play & DON'T pass on your fear to your kids, "oh be careful, they so much bigger then you"!

So what, Maaori or Island kids are bigger, the more reason tackle is so important!!

I love sport & BELIEVE every kid should do "something"! Ur thoughts?


NZRU said...

Here is a comment from NZRU on twitter that was sent to me in response to my question.

Why do kids not tackle?

Kids aren’t developed well enough to tackle at this age - a safety thing more than anything else -

Andrew said...

You're right on the tackle thing too, my mother went to GREAT lengths to
stop me from getting into contact sports when I was younger (I was
forbidden to do Judo, only played touch, limited contact karate ect) and
I'm just getting over my flinch reflex now...

John Erskine said...

Some very good calls in there, back when I was helping coach a team tackling practice was 80% of what we did, it is the most important skills in rugby and yet one of the least rated ones by the general public..... I used to rate my game by the number of tackles I made and how reluctant to touch the ball the 1st 5 was.