Thursday, June 04, 2009

We have DONE IT! Christchurch SBS Marathon....

We have completed our bucket list of completing a Marathon! Let me tell you, IT WAS HARD!!!
It's post 4days of the marathon and I'm still "feeling" it in my body and my MIND!!

  • Duane Peterson (you did it hard brother running on your own but you did it bro, you are the man!)
  • Vanessa Hunter (my sister who came all the way from Melbourne to do her first ever marathon, what a legend! And NO, I don't owe you we are even for you getting me to do the 1/2 marathon 3yrs ago! haha)
  • Tracey Tauwhare (4months post giving birth to our beautiful little daughter Maaia, isn't she an thinks so too :-)
  • Scott Tindall (Scot, you are truly kicking some serious ass this year, from Feb 09 to now in body, mind, spirit transformation, keep it up brother!)
  • Joel Simmonds (The first one home out of us, I've written about Joel and how he has over come injuries to complete his first marathon! Inspirational!)
  • Sarah Peterson (Sarah's goal was to run 10km and SHE DID IT, great stuff Sarah and we have you on record for saying you will do a half next year :-)
  • Nick Keen (Did his first EVER half marathon under 2hrs! He said, he hit the wall with 2km to go, but obviously still broke 2hrs!! You the man brother! This is all while still lifting tin 2x p/w too i.e. Dead lift from 40kg to 100kg in 8wks!!)
You are a inspiration to me and I have no doubt to others reading this!

Although people may think we are "mad", I can assure you we are not, we are just a human as the next person but decided to make ourselves a bit unique and entering a club of less then 1% of the population who have done a marathon!

Lastly, what would we be without Whanau (family and friends), f### all!

So thank you all so much who came from up north (the Beckham whanau-Tutu, Petrina, Jae, KT! Linley and Noms and of course my mum too who came from Melbourne to support us! You all did a marvelous job of spreading yourselves out over the course to cheer us on and give us sugar hits along the way!!

To everyone else who gave internet support or just showed your face along the journey someway some how, thank you very much!!

Anyway, rather then blabble on let's watch the video to see the energy at the start and the energy at the end!

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Joel Simmonds

Tracey Tauwhare

Vanessa Hunter

Duane Peterson

Scot Tindall

Sarah Peterson

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