Wednesday, February 25, 2009

15% of the year GONE on my birthdya...

Just a quick update to let you know that 15% of the year is gone TODAY (25/2/09), that's right 15% is out the door never to be seen again except in your memory that you have stored away for safe keeping!

Interesting isn't it when you look at 2009 as 15% gone or 55days out of 365 you will never see again EVER!

So tell me please, How are you going with the goals you have for this year?

If you wanted to lose body fat and or weight, are you on track?
Let me put it to you this way; "how" much have you lost and "how" much have you got to go to hit your target?

If your goal was more money.
Are you on track? Again let's put it in "black" or "white" terms of, How much have you got so far and how much to go before you hit your target?

Maybe your goal is more peace & happiness in times where every one is doom and gloom?
You get the picture; How much happier and peaceful are you & how far to go before you hit your target?

Be truthful with yourself and do your best to answer them. For me I can honestly answer from the above 2 out of 3 I'm on track! However to provide more details I would have to sit down and measure against the 'start' to 'now'!

Regardless of where you are at i.e. "on" track or "off" track with your goals. I would love for you to just reflect on the last 15% of the year and see where you "were" and where you are "now".

Some things are Measurable and some things are NOT! Measure the things that society measures i.e body fat, $$ in account, materialistic things for peace and happiness, because while I don't agree with it entirely (does has it's place though!), without a doubt it is MEASURABLE!

Once you have done the "surface" measuring, then look deeper to the "journey" of the last 15% of the year to things like;
  • What have you learn't about trying to achieve _____ so far and has it impacted on your life positively or negatively?
  • What has losing more body fat taught you about you as a human being?
  • What has having (or losing) more money taught you about yourself so far?
  • How has being more peaceful and happy (or not) taught you about your life so far?
This is deep stuff, however it's truthful stuff that people don't talk about enough or if they do, it's a bit "fluffy" and tends to have no foundation.

The take home message today is 15% of the year is gone, some day so will you!! What will you leave behind, both in terms of external/possessional things and the words people use to express "who" you are to them.

Make it happen with what ever you choose to do, Go visit one of the things that I'm going to do on my bucket list! This particular 'goal' some days feels like I can reach it tomorrow with so much ease that it feels like I'm floating and other days I think, oh my friggin god this is just stupid, why, why, why!!

Today (25/2/09) is my birthday, I'm 31 and still rocking! My mum left a message on my phone singing me happy birthday, kool ahe. Yeah I thought so too, it made me laugh when I was a bit peeed off :-)

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