Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Something must Change!

We are in the middle of the week and I'm on track
to achieve another week of training.

How are you doing with yours? I mean really, I've been sharing with
you the last few weeks of my journey "under the bar" it's about
time you shared yours! :-)

Today during my session I "changed" it up. Today I was doing a
squatting day. This day really kicks my a.s.s, I mean at the end of
a squatting session I'm wrecked.

This morning I had a bit of "mental weakness" so after doing back
squats then front squats. I decided to "change it up"!

Rather then continue on with my 3 other squatting variations, I
jumped on board with what the client was doing which was Power bag

This is where an image of this mornings training would help, however just imagine running while dragging 3 bags that weighed about 100kg all together
for a distance of approx 35-40m as fast as you can.
(The pic below is what a power bag is, however we use a rope to join them up and run with them).

The amount of 'burn/fatigue' you get in the thighs/hips/calfs is
up there to say the least epsically when you are running as fast
as you can to do the distance i.e. the last 10m is a little slow.

Why did I change from my normal routine?
Simple, I worked out 2x yesterday since I missed Monday's session
and after a late night I didn't have the "mustard" in me to pull
me through a gut buster.

So I changed up my "gut buster" to something different that I new I
would complete and still get results that I'm after.

Here's what I would like you to take home;

EVERY session you have training, SOMETHING MUST CHANGE!

Ways to change what you are currently doing (just choose 1 if you are going to action it);
1) Increase weight by 2.5kg (5lbs)
2) Add 1-2 more reps with the same weight
3) Increase Speed of movement (some exercises are better at changing
speed then others, and always FORM before speed!)
4) Change tempo i.e. 6sec on the eccentric(down part) of exercise
1sec hold then as fast as possible up on the concentric part of
exercise. Often written as 6.1.X

And the most IMPORTANT!
Increase your Kinesthetic Awareness!!

This means, every rep you do, you create an awareness of HOW it

If you can "feel" the movement you have the power to make dramatic
results very quickly!

How do you "feel" the movement?
Feel the movement by being the movement, if you have a weight that
is relatively easy, clothes your eyes and "feel" how you are doing
that particular exercise.

This "feeling" type stuff can take time I understand that, however,
I promise you if you can get in touch with your kinesthetic side,
your progress will be slow at the start but you will ALWAYS beat
someone who is just adding more reps or increasing the weight!!!

6wk Fatloss Coaching Course is comming soon! Will you "change up"
your training to reach a new clothes size before summer even starts?

Time will tell, if you truly want to "change"!!

Let me know ways you are "changing up" at the moment.

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