Wednesday, September 17, 2008

6wk Fatloss Coaching Course

Do you want to Drop your clothes size, bodyfat & Increase your muscle tone & fitness in 6wks or less??

If you want to be 1 of 10 and you live in Chch then read on.....

Please Note: This group is more then just a fitness "boot camp", I'm giving you an opportunity to truly learn and reach your goals with 10 others.

Dear Fitness Enthusiast,

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. I'm going to cut to the chase straight away and then provide "details" to questions you may have about how this will all be done!

The Big Goal:

You will lose bodyfat & clothes size in 6wks (maybe less!)

You are invited to be 1 of 10 to go on a 6wk Fitness & Fatloss journey to reach your desired goals, in other words you can get a jump start on summer by comming on board and learn HOW to truly make dramatic changes in your body in just 6wks!!

What's the commitment?

You will be required to train 2x per week with the entire group at EHP Health & Fitness Studio - Monday & Wednesday 5:30pm-6:30pm

2x per week on your own following a specific fatloss cardio session that is designed to "blow torch the fat"!

That's a total of 4hrs per week - Yes you can get dramatic results in 4hrs per week!!

You will also learn Specific Nutrition Fatloss Strategies each week - These are the secrets I have only taught to clients!

You will be required to be "truthful" to yourself to get the best out of the fatloss group - Once people learn this the game of "be into win" is so much easier!!

An open mind and a fun attitude is MUST, NO exceptions!! I do NOT tolerate people who are tyre kickers, the ones that suck the spirit out of you and leave you with a "feeling" of yuck ness!

How will this be achieved? Give me the details Spida!!

Start Day Monday 8th October at 5:30pm:

Week 1: 8th October 2008


Phase 1 = Fat Burning Body Blast Training 20-30mins

This is where we lay the foundation of body preparation for training to come!


Learn Body Fat Strategy #1 - Nutrient timing!

Learn Body Fat Strategy #2 - Accountability to you!

Fat Loss Cardio Training - Receive 3wk Fatburning Cardio Programme


Fat Burning Body Blast Training 20-30mins


Learn & Implement your compliancy

What's on your mind?
This is where we discuss anything that is "on your mind" e.g. you may have issues arise that you need answers too, this is where you can fire my way!!

I believe this is worth the entire cost of the 6wks! You get to find answers to those "things" that may be stopping you!!

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