Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm RIGHT and you are WRONG.....

How often do you say something like;

"Is this right?"
"That's wrong"!
"This is the right way to do it, isn't it?"
"They shouldn't do it that way!"
"I know I'm right"!
"You should do it this way"

Or statements that are similar to that?

Be honest we all say it. The problem I hear with these statements is more often then not they are judgments upon who/what they are directed at.

How? Think about this, you are making a statement about something "you think" to be wrong or right!


But who are you to say it's wrong or right?
Is there anything truly "right" or "wrong" or another way to look at it, is there truly anything "black" or "white"?
Who said it's right or wrong?
Who said it's black or white?
Who said that person (thing) is right?

If you are still with me, when ever you "see" something as right or wrong you are seeing it through the world (your eyes) as you know.

And if you don't ask questions like;
"why do I think or believe that?"
"Where does that come from? "

You will only ever see the world through what you know and more often then not you will have more conviction in your "righteousness" or "wrongness"!

I'm not trying to convince you that "my way" of thinking is right, I'm just trying to show you there is more to "thinking" then just black and white or wrong and right!

That's why, I believe that it's so important to never stop learning/growing/experiencing things so you can expand the way you think and how you "see" the world.

I find it very sad (and sometimes I just get pi$$ed off) when people will defend their position on what they "think/believe" to be right or wrong and will not have any room for Grey or 'possibility'!!

Now, some people will be struggling with what is written. For instance you may say it's "wrong" to kill and 95% of the time I will agree with you with what I know.

HOWEVER, there is a 5% still there maybe even more that states.
"You can't fully have black and white in it's "true" sense because when we do we cut off the possibilities of grey or understanding and compassion"!

My point I'm trying to explain is that everything is "truly" ONENESS we as humans with our "intellect" create black/white, right/wrong, yes/no, poor/rich, ugly/pretty, yummy/yucky, happy/sad, love/hate, angry/laughing etc...

We have created "divisions" in life to create safety for ourselves and while we "need" a version of this, I'm just putting it out there that you don't have to be confined by what you perceive to be right or wrong and black/white because what you perceive to be these things were more then likely imposed upon you from someone else or you took them on as a means to survive in the situation you created for yourself!

"Your eyes can only see what your mind can comprehend"

Therefore if the above is true (and I believe it is) then it is your responsibility to ensure you expand your mind to more then what it currently gets so you can see the world as "oneness" rather then through a straw of Black and White!

This is why I'm big on Increasing your Health & Fitness I.Q. because the more you expose yourself outside of what you believe/know/perceive and or see the world you will expand your minds threshold for "new" information!

Make it happen, learn from everyone (even those that you don't like) and never give up!!

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