Monday, September 22, 2008

100days to Go!!

100 days to go!!

Today is the day (Monday 22nd September) that we have 100 days till
the turn of the New Year!?!

What the hell?

100 days to end the year off with a bang?
Or you can stay the same?

What choice will you make?

Now before you make this “educated” choice I would like you to close
your eyes and get rid of any “noise” you may have in your head and
just “think” of what you would like to do in 100days.

Close your eyes for 60sec and think of what you want, what does it
smell like, taste like, feel like, look like…….

Ready to “think” of what you want……..see you in 60sec

Did you do the exercise?

If you did the exercise, you may have created feelings of what you
want, if you did let me know what they are and what you can do about
it today! 1 small step every day allows you to “hit your mark”!

If your goal is fatloss and you want to reach your goal in less then
50 days then this is a good place to start

My coaching group is taking people from “knowing” to DOING, there
is such a big difference in knowing something and living
what you know.

Regardless of what action you do or don’t do 100days are going to
pass by and only you can choose to be the same or different in

I have a VERY black and white saying I use often; you are either
“growing” or “dying”, make the choice and make it happen.

To finish; L.O.A (Law of Attraction) or the Secret DVD is just one
part of the puzzle, you can “think” about being richer, healthier,
skinner, happier etc… but LOA ONLY works when you back it
up with ACTION!

I’m not bashing LOA, I’m just giving you the reality of LOA!
People think the “secret” is in LOA, the “secret” is NOT in LOA!!

Want to know the REAL secret to getting ANYTHING you WANT?

Post your comments here to see if anyone "gets" it.

Spida Hunter

p.s. 2 more days before the price goes up on the coaching group,
make it happen today to NOT only save yourself $40 but to be
living action steps everyday to “growing” in the next
50 days or less!!

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