Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Truth behind Kung Fu Panda

If you haven't seen Kung Fu Panda, then I highly recommend it to those with or without kids! I reckon it's as good as Shrek when it first came out!!

Now if you have seen it, you know that there are lots of messages in the film, like never give up on your dreams even though Po's dad wanted him to "get his head of the clouds"!

Or the Scroll, which was the "secret" is in
YOU, so don't look outside of yourself for the "secret" it's in YOU!

However, there is ONE message that the movie gave that most people have missed. So if you haven't seen the movie don't worry it won't ruin it for you! :-)

The message that was missed by most that watched it?

Master Sifu, who is the Panda (Po's) Kung Fu Master, created in his mind the drama of the Tai Lung (bad tiger) escaping from prison and as a result of his own F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) it became a reality!


Master Sifu's kung fu master s
aid he had a vision of Tai Lung escaping from prison and coming to the palace to get the secret scoll.

From his vision and expressing it, master Sifu created a big drama in his "head" about how the prison needed to double the guards etc... then he sent his bird to the prison to make this happen and warn them that Tai Lung was trying to escape!

Remember, this is all in his head at this stage, however from sending the bird to "warn them of his FEAR" he created the escape because the birds feather ended up unlocking the padlocks that was holding him in the prison!

How does this related to health and fitness?

What you FEAR often becomes your "truth" because you end up focusing on it either consciously or unconsciously!

Remember your "Thoughts become Things" so make sure what you focus on is what you want!

Lose thinking patterns like:
I want to be less FAT!
I don't want to be fat!
I will NEVER be fat!

They are focusing on what you don't want which is to be not fat!

Rather think:
How can I get to a dress size ________?
What can I do today to achieve my fatloss goals of _______?

What and How are more powerful and create a opportunity for you to "solve" the solution rather then create general blanket statements that focus on the negative aspect rather then the positive aspect of HOW and What can I do.....!

So much depth from a kids movie or is that me "thinking" too much :-)