Monday, August 25, 2008

Programme Template

Here's a programme template I use for clients when they come to me for fatloss, fitness, strength goals. Don't get to concerned with what the exercises are just google them to find out how they work.

Look at the design of the programme and how it is Systematic covering all my basis of warm up, core work, pre/re-hab, mobility, flexibility then into resistance work and finishing off on "cardio" work. We then follow it up with a recovery shake or stretching.

A good programme will take you through the workout step by step or A-B-C-D etc.. Not A to M!

If you turn up to the gym with no plan your first goal "should" be to invest in a plan of WHAT you are doing based on what you want to achieve.

Anyway here is one way I design programmes for clients:

Dynamic Warm Up

Squat/Star Jumps/Seal Jumps/ Flip jacks 5mins

Movement/Core Prep

Dynamic Movement Prep

MB Chop/ Hip Extensions/Fire Hydrants/Scap circuit Y.W.L.Flys.Rows/

Walking lunges/Bear Crawls/T rotations 3-5mins

Metabolic Resistance

A1) Alternating Lunges

30sec rest b4 next exercise

A2) KB B-over row

30sec rest b4 next exercise

B1) MB Push Up

30sec rest b4 next exercise

B2) KB D-lift + Upright row

30sec rest b4 next exercise

Use 2 KB’s – 1 each hand

Metabolic Conditioning

KB Swings 30sec/90sec

Stretching/Foam Rolling/Recovery Shake

Start with tightest muscle first! 5mins

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