Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The greatest Athlete EVER.....

The Olympics are over and this is the first post I've givin on them! I don't know about you but I enjoyed the Olympics or what I saw of it, I won't lie and said I watched them all but I did make an effort to watch as many kiwi's compete.

How was Michael Phelps awesome effort with 8 gold medals, "Freak"?!!

How about Usain Bolton winning the 100 and 200m and breaking both world records and apparently he had his shoe lace untied in the 100m?! Yip, you guessed it, "Speed Freak"!

What about the courage of Mahe Drysdale for NZ in the rowing? "Heart of a Lion Freak!"

How about one of my favorite's Valerie Villi who got gold in the shot put?! "Girl Freak"!

Dean Kent? Who you say..... Dean Kent (NZ swimmer) has been to 3 Olympics and has never placed but guess what? He's a "commitment freak" for showing us it's not all about WINNING and as long as you do your best, your a "WINNER!"

The list can go on and on of "awesome-ness" of so many athletes!

Alot of people are talking about Usain Bolton and how he is the greatest athlete EVER!

Now, I'm sorry the man is a "freak" let's get that out there right away, a FREAK OF NATURE!
But the greatest ATHLETE ever?

He maybe the greatest ever sprinter known at the Olympics but athlete? Sorry not in my books, he's not even close!

So what he broke 2 world records while going into a slight head wind and shoe lace untied, all he has to do is run in a straight line (pretty much) for 2 events. Where is the "Athleticism" in running almost straight?
Michael Phelps is more of an "athlete" then Usain, after all 8 gold medals in 8 different events!!

I've got nothing against Usain, I'm wrapped for him. I just won't agree to main stream thinking of "he's the greatest athlete ever"!

To be honest, the only difference between me, you and them the "freaks" is commitment! They are prepared to do what it takes to be the their version of the best!!

Take home message, before you think of someone as the greatest _____ create a picture in your mind of what you perceive to be the greatest.

Now that you have that picture, what's stopping you from being your version of the "GREATEST"!

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