Monday, November 02, 2009

FREE Bottle of Fish Oil.....

Everyone seems to understand the benefits of fish oil on our health, and if you don't then let me introduce it to you!! Quite simply, if you live in the western world you NEED to supplement with Omega 3's or fish oil as it's commonly known as!!

Some facts;
Did you know that according to Charles Poliquin strength coach out of USA originally Canada, says that "fish oil has treated every disease known to man, at some stage"!!

Don't believe me, google it and find a disease that it has not treated at some stage.... I gave up after 2 pages and took his word for it!!

Now, let's just imagine for a moment that it is NOT true, let's just say it is 70% true....that's a lot of % in your favor to AT LEAST consider the benefit of it don't you think ?

If you are already a I.Q person to understanding the benefits of fish oil to you and your family's health then you need to raise that I.Q to new heights....

Here's what I'm finding in the "fish oil I.Q. community"...
Group A) Know about the benefits of Fish Oil/Omega 3's and take it but generally take the "cheap" and often "toxic" fish oils because it's "cheap" and you get a crap load of tablets for $19.95 or something like that......

Group B) This group knows very little to nothing about the benefits of fish oil and as a result do nothing..... I'm not being disrespectful when I say this, however if you don't know, you don't do!

Now, regardless of the "box" you belong too, I'm offering you an opportunity to get a FR_EE bottle of one of the Best Brands in the WORLD!! That's right not NZ or Aussie but the world!

To get this bottle of Omega 3's and to learn more of the benefits of Omega 3's all you have to do is go here. FREE bottle of Cod Liver Oil

On this page, you will have a short video of what you need to do to claim your free bottle!
Here is 7 Ways Fish Oil will improve your Health Today!
  1. Increase your I.Q
  2. Increase your "happy" gene
  3. Decrease "fat" making gene
  4. Increase cardiovascular health i.e. "good" cholesterol
  5. Decrease "bad" cholesterol
  6. Decrease joint inflammation
  7. Increase eye vision
That's 7 ways Omega 3's can impact your health and the crazy thing is, they are all "different", I mean how different can you get from eye vision to joint inflammation or decreases the "bad" fats vs increases your I.Q.... I mean how many supplements effect such a broad spectrum of health issues?

Now, if you still don't believe me then I suggest you go and "research" Omega 3's NOW!! If you do believe me and or you already take some, you are required to raise your threshold of what you know i.e. Are you taking fish oils that are safe?

Go here now to see the best we have to offer in NZ and AU hands down & I don't say this to "sell" to you, I do this because that's in my heart!!

For those who are "doer's" and want to further increase your health in your life, all you need to do is go here

Thanks for reading and being part of the EHP Kiwi Down Under Tribe!

Spida Hunter
EHP Fitness "where results are the norm"
P.S. It's not good enough you know about fish oils, I know a lot of stuff. What matters is WHAT YOU DO and what you NEED TO DO is get your FREE BOTTLE OF FISH OIL

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