Friday, September 25, 2009

Too much info....arrrghhhhhhh!

Have you ever found you are "stuck" in which way to turn due to the conflicting information on fitness, fat loss, strength, nutrition etc...???

Watch this video of Wammo (from Kiwi FM) and how you can 'dissolve' the issues that don't mean crap in terms of results!!

  • Learn what your personal "hand brakes" are and how to "catch them"!
  • Details vs Big Picture
  • How much water to ACTUALLY Drink...
  • What H20 does to you first thing in the morning.....
Remember to listen in every Friday (Gone from Tuesday to Freak Friday :-) around 7am.
102.2 Auckland
102.1 Wellington
102.5 Canterbury
Sky Digital Channel 500
Kiwi FM .co. nz

If you have any "thoughts" on what you would like to hear then let me know in the comments section and we'll bring them out to the big wide world!!

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