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Girl Power, Defined

Rachel Cosgrove is an awesome trainer who is a great example for other woman, she promotes lift the tin and give life a nudge! Check out the ladies age, go girls!!
(Side note: I do get the sh#ts when people use age as a reason not to push their personal boundaries of excellence. Don't ever stop living, sure your physical body maybe slowing up but your mind, spiritual, emotional parts of you are just maturing aren't they?)

Girl Power, Defined

On November 15th, 2008 five inspiring women challenged themselves by competing in their very first powerlifting competition, for which they had trained for the previous three months. They had all been lifting weights for a couple years, building up a base of strength, and took on this challenge to give them a focus for their training.

None of them had ever considered doing something like this before. After they made the commitment and had each other to keep motivated, the training began. They worked with Coach Craig Rasmussen, the powerlifting expert at my gym, Results Fitness, in Santa Clarita, California.

As the weeks of training went on, they were all lifting more and more weight. The numbers were going up and up. The thing that surprised them most was that they were all losing body fat, getting leaner, and even losing some weight while training for this event.

Joni, one of the competitors, had this to say: "This is so crazy! I lost another pound today, and I'm eating like crazy! Everyone keeps commenting on how my body is changing and how good I look, and all I've been doing is lifting more and more weight: dead lifting, squatting and bench pressing!"

The day of the competition, the girls were extremely excited to compete in what was for some of them their first athletic competition ever. They were less excited about the outfits.

In powerlifting, you're required to wear a singlet and knee high socks, which isn't the most flattering or feminine look. Karen made the best of it, however, making the outfit as feminine as possible with a pair of pretty pink knee socks, pictured below.

Meet the Girls: Feminine and Powerful!

Down With Dumb Dieting!

From left to right: Joni, Janelle, Cindy, Karen, and Jan.

Let's get to know three of the girls a little better.


Down With Dumb Dieting!

Please, God, let me make all of my lifts!

Joni recently celebrated her 50th birthday. About three months before the competition, she said to me, "Someday I'd like to try something like a powerlifting competition, maybe in a year or two when I'm ready."

"Why wait?" I asked her. "Do it now!" She was shocked. "Really?" she asked, "You think I could?" And the rest is history.

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