Friday, February 20, 2009

What it takes to lose Body Fat Now...

Here is a question I received that I thought I would share with everyone! After most people "think" questions but don't ask! Hope this helps with your fat loss journey of being shredded to the max :-)

Hey Bro

I bet you get it all the time BUT one thing for me is without being vain I think im in good shape, always have been. Ive done some crazy training but never even when competing had 6 pack abs, then I have mates who have em naturally.

Im a big believer in you gotta work with what you got, some people have it natural some don't, yes you can develop skill but if you have some of it naturally its gonna come a lot easier.

From what you know, what are the best ways to get shredded, as in get rid of overall body fat ?

cheers mate

My response to his question;

Good question Isaac;

To keep it simple, you are both correct with some people have it "naturally" therefore don't have to 'work' as hard as someone who doesn't have it naturally.


When we are talking about getting shredded to bits, we must look at NUTRITION & RESISTANCE Training combined (although, I would put nutrition ahead but we are keeping it simple). Most people will say, "I've done everything and still NO abs, what the %$#@?!"

It is my belief that 97% of people don't look at nutrition GOOD enough in order to get the shredded look they desire because let's face it, getting shredded to bits takes a lot of DISCIPLINE andCOMMITMENT which most people don't have.

Here's where to start for the body fat to blow torch off your body;

  1. Eat every 2.5 to 3.5hrs upon waking
  2. Eat protein with EVERY meal
  3. Eat veggies with EVERY meal
  4. Eat starchy carbs i.e. potatoes/rice/bread/pasta ONLY AFTER you have trained
  5. Drink 2-3ltrs of H20 per day (NO fizzy drinks!)
  6. Do this 90% of the time in a 7day week i.e. if you have 6meals per day x 7days per week, that's 42meals per week.

    90% of that is 38 feeding opportunities that NEED to align with #1-6. Once you have this sorted for 3wks we can look at portion control or other ways to continue to shred! If the above does not match 90% behavior then people don't have the right to pi$$ and moan about being FAT!
Does that make sense?
There you have it, the "truth" behind how to lose fat, NO FLUFF here I may have the PC police at my inbox tomorrow but that is okay with me :-)
If you have any comments about this then let me know, my PASSION in life is to teach/coach people to get what they want. I love that side of my occupation!

This pic below is from Mike Roussell after I sent the response I found his graph which illustrates perfectly what I'm talking about! Mike has got it going on when it comes to Nutrition people, after all that is his living!!!!


tetekura said...
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jotito said...

Hey Spida, awesome content and you are absolutely right! Everybody is different and I imagine will lose fat at a different rate - all other things being equal. Can I be so bold as to ask, how does one commit and have discipline to undertake something like this? There are so many things out there - 7 steps for this 9 steps for that but how does one take that first step and stay focused :) How do you motivate your clients to stay focused?

Just curious on what your thoughts are and probably like the plan of attack to lose fat, its different for everybody. Perhaps another article :)

(Just posting my comment again as my first one had a link to my old blog!!)It's good now:)

Spida Hunter said...

Thanks for reading and you are right about 9-8-7 Steps for fat loss etc...

How to "stay" with your goal when times are tough!! A very vital and key part to anything in life.

I discussed this a little on kiwi fm so when the podcast is up I'll put the link up for you to listen in and hopefully this will provide some answers for you.

If it creates other questions or doesn't answer any let me know and we'll get you staying on track in no time!