Friday, November 02, 2007

7 Rules of FAT loss!

Here's the 7 Rules of FAT loss, nothing but TRUTH behind losing fat without any "extras" added on.
  1. Do Compound Exercises in a Interval fashion that doesn't allow full recovery for your resistance training 3x per week! Time invested 60mins x 3 = 3hrs
  2. Do 20min Interval cardio training 2x per week that doesn't allow full recovery followed by 20mins power walk/jog/run. Time invested =40mins x 2 = 1hr 20mins
  3. Eat every 2.5hrs from time you wake
  4. Eat Protein with every meal
  5. Eat veggies with every meal (learn to love the green veggies)
  6. Consume starchy carbs ONLY after training i.e. potatoes, bread, pasta, rice
  7. Do this 90% of the time every day for 4wks
You have the foundations of what to do, how will you complicate to make it unattainable?
Knowing and doing are NOT the same so make a choice and make it happen!