Monday, October 08, 2007

Another 4yrs.....

To be honest I'm not surprised we lost or I should say HOW we lost, I just never thought it would be against France in a 1/4 final!!

I thought we "may" lose in the semi or final but France proved me right (the buggers) in the earliest exit of a All Black team!

The All Blacks are the BEST team in the world PRE and POST world cup but when the tournament to name the best team in the world arrives we don't have what it takes.

Unfortunately in my opinion we don't have the mindset to "close" out a game when it matters, we have some of the best individual players in the world, however we don't have the maturity to play at a level above anybody else when it matters as we have had in the past!

If we compare the 1987 world cup winning team to 2007 team, individually our 07 team you could argue that they would dominate the 87 team, however as a team of "collective heads" the 87 world cup team had a "mindset/maturity" to play above all other factors on the field!

When it mattered most the 1987-1989 team would "shut" out any team to not allow them to play their game and regardless of the ref that particular All Black era would rise above any "ref "or "circumstance" to not allow those factors to play a major role in the game!!

Some "food for thought"
  • NZ supporters stop bloody blaming "things/circumstances/ref/coaches. What happen to taking responsibility?
  • The nation wants coaches blood! Why are we not questioning a new captain, like we have demanded every other world cup loss?
  • When the All Blacks Lose, did you know the domestic violence goes UP in this country?
I don't have the answers to HOW to change the mindset/maturity thing, all I know the 1987 world cup team had a maturity/mindset that set them apart from any team in the world.

  • Maybe our All Blacks are to young in the skills of life to have the mindset/maturity to close out any team that enters their path?
  • Maybe the rest of the world is just catching up?
  • Maybe we need to NOT live our dreams of the nation on the boyz that where the All Black jersey?
  • Maybe we cotton them up to much because of the nations "expectations"?
  • Maybe we as a nation should be the role models of our children and not the All Black jersey?
Maybe, maybe, maybe....

All I know is, unfortunately I was bloody right (in my opinion)! Anyway Go South Africa or France and take a chill pill NZ it is just a game after all and the All Blacks are human!