Thursday, November 22, 2007

4yr old gives $2 to MOvember!!

You may or may not know that it is MOvember month in NZ and Aussie!

What is MOvember?
MO replaces No for MOvember! Mo = Moustache! So for 4wks of the year you grow a MO!

Movember is about raising the awareness of Health issues (Prostate Cancer) in Men!
Did you know that men live 4yrs less then females and we also access Health Services 30-40% less then females!!

So I'm doing my bit by growing a MO and raising awareness and $$ for Prostate Cancer. I'm paying it forward to the time me having to get a check up!

Plus I'm communicating with my EGO so when the time comes and check up is required (for any health issue that may arise) I won't allow myself to take the road of, "Their ain't nothing wrong with me, I'm sweet as. Just harden up!!" Like so many of our fellow EGO men!

After talking with my son Kayleb, "what's that dad on your face and why....?" After explaining to him about MOvember, I asked if he would donate some of his pocket money he gets for doing this chores!

He agreed, and has given the money we would normally put in his piggy bank to the cause!
So help me raise awareness of the "harden up bro" mentality for our fellow men and spread the word, that a 4yr old gave some of his pocket money!

500 people donate $10 that's 5k and I've reached 1 of my goals :-)

I raised almost $2,500 for Child cancer in 6days 2yrs ago so I really don't see why I couldn't achieve 5k!!

Remember $10 x 500 people will hit the mark! Click here to not let Kayleb be the only one to give!

I PROMISE you if you give with an open heart, you will get double your return! It may not be in $$ but I PROMISE you, you will get a return far greater then $10 can ever buy!!

Did you know, MO's make you stronger? They sure do ;-)

Told you, 30kg Bicep Hammer Curl. ;-)

Yeah right!!
Kayleb showing his photo skills of my MO!