Thursday, January 28, 2010

City to Surf.... Let's Do it!!

It's time again to "look ahead" and see what's on the calendar for things to "tick off" this year! And, I've found a couple for those that are keen to join me!!

City to Surf 12km
Sunday 21st March 2010

SBS 1/2 Marathon 30th Anniversary
Sunday June 6th 2010

I'm going to organize people for these events so mark your calendar and let's make it happen!

The city to surf is a great "lead up" to the 1/2 marathon...........Look I know you think it's 22km is a "killer" but let's put it in perspective!

If you HAD TOO (i.e. I had a gun to your head) you could walk 22km RIGHT NOW!! The reality is you don't want too!

Don't let the number of 22km or 12km play tricks on you, it's JUST A NUMBER!!

Start pondering the thought of making it happen......

Spida Hunter

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