Tuesday, June 23, 2009

58yr old lifts Tiny Tim our Gym Stone!!

Last week I purchased a stone for us to "play" with in the gym. Old school Atlas Stone Lifting!!

Now, this is perceived "hard core" and it does appeal more to the "male-ness" of us men, however like anything, when you do it enough or see it enough it becomes "normal"!!

So I would like to show you some of the guys that have lifted Tiny Tim (this is the name of our stone) on their first ever attempts with it!

First we need to check out the latest person to put their name on the stone, Brendon he is 58yrs old and he "kills it"!!!

Then let's have a look at the fighters who gave it a nudge last week:

Now, we think Tiny Tim weighs 80kg, I broke the scales trying to weigh him after trying to put him down 'softly' on the scales after walking with it for 20m! Bugger....

Anyway, congrats to all that have Owned Tiny Tim and I'm going to get my first female name on their at some stage too :-)
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Andrew said...

awesome dad, this is great news for the next time i need to move house :-)

Tracey said...

You put those young fit fighters to SHAME!!!! go you good thing.