Wednesday, January 31, 2007

You can stick your V02

You can Stick your VO2!

What do I mean?

I’ve been doing a series of presentations at the moment and one of the 3 things I’ve been discussing is Cardio Training i.e. Aerobic Training!

You know, where you pound the pavement 4-6x per week for 40 to 60mins for health, fitness, fatloss etc…

I’m sorry but you can stick that kind of training!


1) Who’s got 4-6hrs to train per week?

2) You work on your aerobic system only! What about resistance training or your anaerobic fitness?

3) It’s a very inefficient way to burn calories!

4) Slow and steady is boring!

Let me define exactly what I mean! If you are currently doing NOTHING except watching the idiot box then I don’t care what you do just MOVE! In fact stop reading and start moving this email is not for you!

If you are exercising as if it’s a habit then let me enlighten you to be more productive in your exercise habit!

Aerobic training is one of the most long winded ways to get results! If you do events such as marathons and Triathlon’s then stop reading because you need some time in the saddle i.e. clock up the miles baby!! However the 99% of us that are not competitive in those events need not to clock up the miles!

Here’s an easy e.g. without getting all science and geeky on ya! Although the principles I present here are all backed up by the latest research :-)

My nana drives her car around her home town sticking to the speed limit she burns 20ltrs of fuel in a week!

A boy racer (someone who speeds everywhere) burns 40ltrs of fuel in a week when traveling the same distance as my nana in the same car!

Why? The boy racer speeding around town all the time uses more fuel, right?!

Well the human body is no different; if you run and then walk you will burn more calories in less time then just running at an economical state! This is what we call interval training.

So rather then run for 40-60mins do interval training for 20mins but be a boy racer run or power walk as fast as you can then walk, triple the time you ran or power walked before you repeat this process! You will ramp up your metabolism to create a fuel burning machine and in less time!

Plus you will burn calories after you have finished because you are still trying to recover!

Yes, you will have "cardio withdrawals" from doing less, however we are talking greater results of fat loss and fitness! When you improve your anaerobic threshold you improve your aerobic fitness as a by product of trying to recover or cleanse the body of lactate!

Therefore you kill 2 birds with 1 stone and you have just become more efficient in your training!

Enjoy the benefits of interval training :-)

p.s. None of my fighters do Aerobic training because if you know your stuff you can work everything (strength, fitness, flexiability, power etc..) in 1 session so they never have to run again, unless they get "cardio withdrawals"!

p.p.s The above is "relevant" to everyone i.e. if you have a bike/rowing machine/skipping rope then use that instead of running, if you are unable to run due to X then power walk. Don't tell me you CAN'T because it's all relevant to the individual! And there's no such a word in the England language! :-)