Monday, February 19, 2007

What's your ACTUAL Potential?

My son Kayleb lifting 24kg Kettlebell on the 12th of Jan 07 2wks before his 4th birthday at a massive bodyweight of 19kg!!

In theory we may recognize that our potential is unlimited. But in actuality, we have subconsciously set definite limits that confine our lives. While we may sometimes fantasize about having great accomplishments, or exciting adventures, we 'know' in our heart of heart that these are just dreams, and in fact beyond our reach. So they remain just unfulfilled dreams. We may have experienced brief times of awareness and excitement when we expanded and operated beyond these limits, but we didn't sustain the state.
Paragraph from
"No thy Self"! Sent to me from one of my best bro's Jay Harrison who was runner up in Personal Trainer of the Year in 2006 for New Zealand!!

What boundaries have you created around you for you not to have what is rightfully your's? Nelson Mandela said it in his speech "
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?"

Right now you have a boundary around you that limits what you can and won't do?! What is it that's limiting you from greater happiness?

Someone may have created that boundary around you as early on as a child or you may have had misfortune placed upon you, however as a ADULT reading this you have a choice!

A choice to stay in the boundaries that you are CHOOSING to live in or go to a place that you may not know anything about except that is what you believe to bring greater happiness!!

Do what you NEED to do to make it happen, if you are unable to "see" yourself accomplishing your goal then visualize it or do anything to create the "feelings" of someone who WILL succeed in their goal!!

Today's the Day, you can make a difference for YOU! If you lose the "feeling" of a successful you then go back to what makes you feel like a success!

Kayleb lifted more then his bodyweight, why not you? What ever you goal(s) are ensure that you 100% think and belief with feeling you will attain it!

You like me are a living product of what we think and believe about our selfs, man up and take ownership of that and that you have the CHOICE to change it!

Don't tell me you CAN'T tell yourself with believe you WILL, if you believe in the WILL you WILL find a way HOW!! If the HOW does not show, you are not having enough belief that you WILL attain what it is you want!!