Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nothing replaces hard work

I know people think it's "true" what they see in the media, but come on I've said it all along nothing replaces hard work!

Does this look like hard work to you?

Now before you lspeak from your "hate" the big bad companies voice, let's address some realities!
  • Yes there are companies out there that B.S us!
  • Yes there are people out there that want your $$ only and don't give a sh$t about you!
  • Yes the world can be a cold hearted place
  • Yes supplements can aid you in health
  • Yes supplements can NOT aid you in health too
My point is, there is lots of "Stuff" out there that you may perceive to be true because you saw it, or read it, or heard it etc...

HOWEVER, HOWEVER, HOWEVER HOWEVER, it still comes back to YOU taking ownership of what YOU allow to enter your ears, eyes, touch senses etc... most media is misleading so why believe with conviction that X supplement is the best for fatloss or health.....

Take responsibility and ensure you look at both sides of the coin before you start preaching your perception of the "truth"!

Make it happen people, make it happen!!

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