Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Something is better then Nothing, right?!

Last week the local paper (The Press) has been running a life style series. They covered food, fizzy drinks, take aways, exercise and the effects on kiwi's from a health and $$ perspective!

If we cover just exercise only today, they put a lot of emphasis on WALKING and Something is better then NOTHING!

I sent in my thoughts around "walking" vs resistance training in terms of results towards fatloss and health! I didn't get published :-)

Doesn't mean I'm not going to enlighten you about the REALITY of walking vs resistance training!

The saying "Something is Better then Nothing" is just a justification you give yourself to make you FEEL better without actually committing to your health!!

Strikes a cord doesn't it?! Just to put those that are about to send me hate mail at rest with what I mean!

- If you are struggling to walk to your letterbox and collect the mail due to lack of oxygen from your lungs to your heart, brain & muscles, then guess what. SOMETHING IS BETTER THEN NOTHING!

However 80% of the population doesn't fall into the above therefore don't belong to the "something is better then nothing" mentality! After all, we all know people that turn up to work everyday but only work 2hrs of it! 2hrs is better then nothing right? Wrong get rid of them they are a rotten apple looking to manifest more rotten apples!

Walking does not provide the BEST results for fatloss, anaerobic training does and there is 'science' now to justify it.

Excess post-exercise consumption (EPOC) is the calories burned post exercise!

The EPOC effect is greatest soon after the exercise is completed and decays to a lesser level over time. One Experiment, specifically designed to test if the effect existed for more than 16 hours, conducted tests for 48 hours after the conclusion of the exercise and found measurable effect existed up to the 38 hour post-exercise measurement. (Shuenke 2002)

The study goes on to say that aerobic training may burn more calories during but very little after a high intensity anaerobic session! So let me ask you, what's more important the hour you workout and burn X amount of calories or the other 23hrs left in the day that you will burn X amount of calories?!

So to everyone who read the press and thought they were doing something "good" for themselves, think again! If fatloss is your goal then ensure you are doing more then walking or running aerobically!